Allergy Free Room

We are pleased to inform our customers that the Hotel Forum in order to offer a better service and also for a management that adheres to a larger project of environmental sustainability, has introduced a new system of cleaning and sanitation of the rooms which ensures the complete sanitation of the environment, the system Gioel G431 Pro CE ENEC 03 IMQ.

It is a vacuum cleaner and air purifier professional steam (185 ° C) that ensures that almost 100% of reduction of dust, bacteria, pollen, fungi, allergens and chemical pollutants present in the environmental surfaces, including fabrics and upholstery (pillows, mattresses);

The treatment, performed at the arrival of each new guest, therefore ensures an environment suitable also for those suffering from allergies or who for other reasons needs a eviroment more "safe" from the point of life and hygiene. It still provides a healthier environment than using traditional methods.

Manage the room cleaning and air purification using this method means:
  • Pulling down of almost 100% of the dust, bacteria, pollen, fungi, allergens and chemical pollutants from the environment present in the Treaty.
  • Prevent the onset of allergic diseases 
  • Reduce use of cleaning chemicals by 90%
  • Hindering the onset of asthma in children of parents with allergies and / or who already manifest food allergies
  • Facilitate usually sleep and its beneficial action on the organism
  • Reduce allergic symptoms and consequently the consumption of medicines.
  • Air the room clean and fresh